Who We Are

E-Ways Group is a young and energetic company offering web solutions to your business.

We are located in Mgarr Malta.

Our organisation focuses on customized web solutions. We offer a good range of products such as a full suite POS sytem , Real Estate System , On-line report engines and more

Company News


On-line tool for Tal-Lira Shops.
We recently developed an on-line tool to read data from the legacy systems and publish it on-line


Sold our Real Estate System to MG Properties.
Our real estate on-line tool offers a very professional interface rendering a clients approach to find the ideal property very easy


Sold our Stock take System / POS to Dailies Supermarket
Our POS system caters for all the market sectors. It replaces the cash register with much more features and reports.


Sold our POS system to the ARK Crai supermarket
Our Point of Sale system is a feature full software which offers a big advantage for your business.